The Maze last Update is Live!

The Maze last Update is now live!

It's update version is 1.5 Beta and it will probably be it's last :(

 So in this update, i have updated the UI

But i chosed that the Xbox controller suport should not be included

I'm going that way because i ran in to a problem with it and i did't have time to fix it

so Xbox xontroller suport is not included in The Maze last Update 

So Included is Updated UI and a Easter Egg that's hard to find ;)

As said The webbsite will still go live in some weaks and I will now start working on a new game :)

So stay tunned for that and i hope you have fun with the maze last Update, and have a good and greate day :)


TheMaze Setup (x86_64).exe 26 MB
Dec 01, 2017

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