The Maze is Canceld!/New Game on Horizon

I have made the decision to cancel the Maze :0

I have done that because it is not funny to keep working on the game anymore :(

I'me still gone give the game a small last update :) 

It will include this

Xbox One controller support

And UI Changes'

maby a little easter egg :)

My webbsite will still go live in some weeaks i will post a devlog when it  is live :)

The Update will go live in one or two weeks it deepends

I may give the game one update later (2018) but that also deepends :)

When The game have gotten it's last update i will start working on a new game ideea i have :)

So stay tunned for my next game :)

I don't have any realese date but it will come sometime early 2018 i Think :)

I hope you have enjoyed The Maze and had fun with it :) it will still be playable after it's last update i will not take it down from  So you can still play it at any time if you want, so stay tunned for my next game, Thank you for playing The Maze and have a grate day!    :)    :)     :)       :)

Get The Maze Alpha v 1.5 Beta

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