IMPORTANT Information :)

Some IMPORTANT information :)

Update day is now on Saturday not on Sunday

The updates will come at 2 weak intervals That means that some times it will come 2 mazes and other times 1, i'me doing this because i only have time to work with game and i have no time to do other things so i Think it best to have a 2 weak interval, so i can do some other things to :)

The next Update that commes will come at 2 a weak interval but will  not include a  new maze but many other Changes butt the Update after that will include one or more mazes, You can read more of that in my last Developer Log :)

And Last 

I will create a webbsite for this games and later games so you can get information about new Updates and Changes or when it comes a new game :) I will put up a Developer Log when the webbsite is ready for realese but it should come in 2 or 3 weaks :)

I hope this information was useful, stay tuned for further Updates and Have a Greate Day! :) 

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